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Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong with Nunchucks - For whatever bizarre reason, Nokia has just released a special limited Bruce Lee Edition of their Nokia N96 phone. Maybe because this Thursday would've been the Master's 68th birthday had he not died. Complete Story

Largest Bruce Lee Museum opens in S. China - China - The museum, located in Shunde, Guangdong Province, was inaugurated Sunday by Bruce's sister Phoebe Lee, who traveled from San Francisco for the occasion. More than 1,000 items related to or used by Bruce Lee are on display, including costumes and photographs. Some letters and poems written by the martial artist are being exhibited for the first time, the report says. Complete Story
Bruce Lee garden proposed at UW - Washington - Bruce Lee admirers want to build an Eastern-style memorial garden at the University of Washington to commemorate their icon — but whether or not the UW will agree remains in doubt. Complete Story
Bruce Lee was afraid of cockroaches as a kid - Iconic martial artist Bruce Lee was afraid of cockroaches as a kid, according to a TV series on his life. The series, titled The Legend of Bruce Lee, also reveals that the martial artist killed some cockroaches, and strung them together as a necklace, to overcome his fears. Complete Story
Bruce Lee - The Green Hornet - Kato fight scene
Michael Peña Offered Secret Role In ‘Green Hornet’ - California - "The Green Hornet” featured the adventures of newspaper publisher Britt Reid who fights crime by night as a masked hero with the help of his martial arts-savvy sidekick, Kato. The 1960s television series based on the property starred movie legend Bruce Lee as Kato. Complete Story
Lacking Bruce Lee’s Punch - California - Dan Kwong wrote Be Like Water, in part, to highlight the cultural impact of Bruce Lee, who died in 1972 on the verge of superstardom and shot straight to iconic status. The playwright’s concept - bringing the martial arts master back as a ghost to pass on his knowledge to a young fan - is compelling. Complete Story
New generation of kung fu crazy Chinese discovering Bruce Lee - UK - BRUCE LEE'S compact body is coated with sweat and ripples with muscles; he seems impervious to the razor slashes across his midriff. Glaring from beneath fierce eyebrows at the fool who has chosen to cross him, he tenses those legendary fists before striking out. Scores of villains are no match for him. Lee always prevails. Complete Story
The ultimate Bruce Lee: In 50 parts - Atlanta - Bruce Lee is getting his due in China. The country’s state-run broadcaster plans to air a 50-part (yes, 50) prime time series on Bruce Lee, the late kung fu film star. Complete Story

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