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Bruce Lee's Real Name - Fun Fact


Part Two - Bruce Lee Interview

Fun Fact: Bruce Lee's Real Name

Bruce Lee's Cantonese given name was Jun-fan. The name literally means "return again"; it was given to Lee by his mother, who felt he would return to the United States once he came to of age. Because of his mother's superstitious nature, she originally named him Sai-fon, which is a girl's name. The English name "Bruce" was thought to be given by the hospital attending physician, Dr. Mary Glover.

Lee had three other Chinese names: Li Yuanxin (李源鑫), a family/clan name; Li Yuanjian (李元鑒), as a student name while he was attending La Salle College, and his Chinese stage name Li Xiaolong (李小龍; Xiaolong means "young dragon"). Lee's given name Jun-fan was originally written in Chinese as 震藩, however, the Jun (震) Chinese character was identical to part of his grandfather's name, Lee Jun-biu (李震彪). Hence, the Chinese character for Jun in Lee's name was changed to the homonym 振 instead, to avoid naming taboo in Chinese tradition.

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