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Bruce Lee Interview by Pierre Burton


View Part Two - Bruce Lee - Pierre Burton Interview


This the one of (and the best of) the very few Bruce lee interviews. Filmed shortly after the release of his first film the Big Boss, and during his rise to "super stardom" throughout Asia. The acclaimed and prolific Canadian interviewer Pierre Burton caught on to buzz surrounding lee, and flew to Hong Kong to interview who he called "the most intense person he'd ever met" no small feat for someone who has interview the likes of Lenny Bruce, Muhammed Ali and James Coburn. The Interview is 30 minutes long, and is a rare chance to see the real Bruce Lee, Relaxed, Charming, Intense and Charismatic. During the interview Lee discusses his current film and TV career, his unique approach to Martial Arts and his philosophy on life. For anybody wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the man behind the legend this interview is a must!



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