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Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris - The Way of the Dragon

 Bruce Lee Movie Fight Scenes

Way of the Dragon Description

Way of the Dragon revolves around a restaurant in Italy run by Lee's uncle and his cousins. Local gangsters try to close the restaurant down and get a piece of the action. To avoid complications with the law, they try and man handle the resteraunt owner and workers and Lee comes to the rescue.

Bruce Lee demonstrates why without ever being a tournament champion that he was one of the best martial artists of all times. His speed and technique easily out class the other real martial artisits this film presents. His fight with Chuck Norris in this film is legendary. Watching Chuck in his prime is intense, high speed and accuracy. What's scary, how much faster Bruce Lee is. And even though he is lacking size, its obvious that the little dragons power is intense. The scenes in these movies may be choreographed, but it's hard to make duplicate the skills shown by these fighters with trick photography and ballet lessons.

Bruce Lee Major Films

The Big Boss (1971) (US title:Fists of Fury)
Fist of Fury (1972) (US title:The Chinese Connection)
Way of the Dragon (1972) (US titles:Return of the Dragon, Revenge of the Dragon)
Enter the Dragon (1973)
Game of Death (1978)

Bruce Lee Television

The Green Hornet (1966-1967) - Kato
Batman (3 episodes, 26 September 1966, 1 March 1967, 2 March 1967) - Kato
Ironside (Episode: "Tagged for Murder" 26 October 1967) - Leon Soo
Here Come the Brides (Episode: "Marriage Chinese Style" 9 April, 1969) - Lin
Longstreet (4 episodes, 1971) - Li Tsung

Bruce Lee Documentaries

The Intercepting Fist (2001)
The Unbeatable Bruce Lee
Curse of the Dragon (1993)
Death by Misadventure (1993)
The Man And The Legend
The Immortal Dragon (A&E) (1996)
Martial Arts Master (1993)

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